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"Healing and Awakening for Spiritual Seekers"
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Elizabeth Rose
Author, Public Speaker
NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor
Certified Healing Arts Facilitator

The Rose Cottage

Experience/Learn:  Hypnosis/Healing/Channeling

What is CCMBA/CCSMC Healing?

This technique was originally taught by Dr. Sharon Forrest.  It is a transmission of divine energy that both heals and awakens.  Dr. Forrest is now 73 years old and I feel very lucky to have spent weeks studying energy healing with her in Ontario and British Columbia.  Thereafter, I started healing anyone who was open, including the homeless on the streets.  At this point, I’ve seen many healing miracles and feel very blessed. 

Here’s are comments from a few of my clients:

Hands On Healing Testimonials:

“Wow!  I was curious about what a hands-on healing session would be like and ended up having a past life experience which led to soul memory clearing.  It’s the journey not the destination.  Balance is key.” 

Connie Fraser, Certified Hypnosis Instructor, High Altitude Hypnosis, Calgary 


Last night, after Adam McLeod’s seminar, we had the great honour to spend the evening with this wonderful great lady who is a very talented author, healer, and hypnotherapist.  Thank you for sharing your gifts Elizabeth!

Carina Ehlers, Artist, Healer and Medium, Sweden


“Excellent to see you doing this Elizabeth! When I find a “How to Bi-Locate” workshop I will be able to attend in your neck of the woods AND keep my day job in Seattle! Kidding of course. I’ve had your instruction on this and can testify that EVERYONE in your workshop experienced this healing power in a very tangible way. There was no, “I think I feel it” going on. It was in the room and everyone felt it in the receiving and channeled it in the giving. I wish you the very best with this and would love to see you run something further south (and west) again.”

Michael Sheridan, Aisling Dream Interpretation, Seattle


I became calm and at peace for the first time in a while and because of this I was able to gain clarity on which direction to take next. I left the session feeling light, clear and empowered. Thank you Elizabeth, I am so grateful for your healing abilities and gifts.”

Rosanna Sardella, Emerge for Healing, Spiritual Guidance, Healing and Coaching, Calgary