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Elizabeth Rose
Author, Public Speaker
NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor
Certified Healing Arts Facilitator

The Rose Cottage

Experience/Learn:  Hypnosis/Healing/Channeling

Trevor Hamlett Interviews Elizabeth Rose

“In 2015, in the Dominican Republic, Elizabeth Rose and I spent an incredible week together where she led me in deep trance channelling, metaphysical hypnosis and healing work. This intensive period, followed by another week in Saint John at the Rose Cottage NB, resulted in my becoming a full channel of spirit. I healed, became cleared, improved my diet, and followed the spiritual path, and now miracles are flowing and growing in the most unexpected ways!

We both experienced miraculous results and continue to evolve our gifts and expand the work to now heal and uplift our clients. As a result of this work, I have begun my own channeling practice and centre in Toronto called 'Miracles Grow Here' which Elizabeth helped inaugurate on September 26, 2016 in Toronto with great success and rave reviews.

I am eternally grateful to Elizabeth Rose for her healing work, her diligence and dedication, her incredible gifts, generosity, patience and divine friendship!  

I highly recommend Full Immersion into Spirit with Elizabeth Rose, who now travels all over the world, bringing this light to you!  You will never be the same, you will be better, brighter and lighter! Thank you Elizabeth and our 'Team of Spirit' at The Rose Cottage NB and beyond!

                                                                                                                                                                                   Krista Moore, Channel, Healer/Hypnotist (CH)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Miracles Grow Here, Toronto


Where do I begin! In 2016,  I was connected with Elizabeth through a friend. I felt a very strong pull to have a reading with her. The reading was OUT OF THIS WORLD and lead to many more readings, and me travelling up to The Rose Cottage three times to do a 6 day Full Immersion into Spirit course, followed by Basic Hypnosis which lead onto me returning a third time to complete Metaphysical Hypnosis training.

The breakthroughs I have had with Elizabeth are far too many to mention here. The most profound breakthroughs have been gaining a clear vision of my authentic purpose here on earth, understanding why I was holding onto self-sabotaging behaviors and healing them through Past Life Regression and re-establishing my connection with Spirit in a MASSIVE WAY. I just feel so very blessed!

Working with Elizabeth has been BEYOND TRANSFORMATIONAL and I just cannot imagine where I would be right now if we hadn’t crossed paths. My life has been enhanced and blessed in so many ways, and I will be forever grateful to Elizabeth and all she is doing for souls on earth.

I have sent many people Elizabeth’s way, and the breakthroughs have been equally TRANSFORMATIONAL.   I look forward to more work with Elizabeth and sending more people her way.   Thank you Elizabeth !

Luke Elwin

Spiritual Plant-Based Chef , New Zealand

"After working with Elizabeth Rose at The Rose Cottage, everything got better.  Everything!"

                                                                                                          Dr. Glazier-Goldie


                                                                                                          Miramichi, NB

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Last night, after Adam McLeod’s seminar, we had the great honour to spend the evening with this wonderful great lady who is a very talented author, healer, and hypnotherapist. 

Thank you for sharing your gifts Elizabeth!

Carina Ehlers,

Artist, Healer and Medium, Sweden


"Liz is a good friend who I trust 100% when it comes to all things channeling. She's who I use for clearing possession (which is not at all common). She's also an excellent channel, so there's that! "

“Excellent to see you doing this Elizabeth! I’ve had your instruction on this and can testify that EVERYONE in your workshop experienced this healing power in a very tangible way. There was no, “I think I feel it” going on. It was in the room and everyone felt it in the receiving and channelled it in the giving."

"I wish you the very best with this and would love to see you run something further south (and west) again.”

                                                                                                                                                                                        Michael Sheridan 

                                                                                                                                                               Author and Dream Interpreter

                                                                                                                                        Aisling Dream Interpretation, Seattle, USA


Michael Sheridan on his experience with Elizabeth Rose's Full Immersion Into Spirit, October 2015:
"Full Immersion into Spirit is one of the most valuable healing modalities I have experienced and a pinnacle in my healing journey.  I'm a changed person."                                                                            
Deanna Musgrave, Fine Artist and Intuitive
Saint John, New Brunswick
Thank you again for your work, you are amazing :)  love connecting.. and I look forward to future interaction….                                                                                                                           

Trevor Hamlett
International Sound and Energy Healer
Sound Producer, Large Event Planner and Promoter
Liverpool, UK 

"I have to say, from my perspective, that was amazing!  Just to hear that coming through. Yeah, really amazing. Better than I had expected. I actually came in with a whole load of questions and I don't need any of them answered now. Throughout the session, I was just agreeing, 'Okay. Okay. Yeah…'  Really beautiful. I’m so at home with this Elizabeth. Everything that was said just resonated.”     

                                                                                                 Gareth Duignam

True Spiritual Awakening


Wow, Good Morning Elizabeth. That was some channel. I have only now awoken from its deliverance. Spent the last 5 days processing so much spiritual and personal growth.   Phew that was strong.

This is how I feel and the channel I will resonate this Sunday:

I yawn from my slumber, my limbs stretch. I take a long and meaningful breath.

I look out of the window, I see life. In winter, in days of dark, the Earth rests, I rest. For I know in the not so distance, spring beckons a new dawn.

Tomorrow and each day, a new day. What would I like to see today. My eyes widen. I see all.

I smile inwardly. In my silence, my thoughts speak loudly, not of voice but of purest intentions. The sun of tomorrow looms, warm and beautiful. I close my eyes. I see where I am going, I see where I need to be, therefore I am.

May I send all my love to those in need of rest, to find their silence so they too can yawn and stretch, eyes wide, sun warming. I open my eyes today for tomorrow.

Love and Light to all 🙏🙏🙏

Bruce P Abbott


"Elizabeth, you are the Ice Capades of channeling!  

Just yesterday something happened.  I remember during our sessions the guides talked about being a transmitter, and just yesterday, it became more of what it is, and now I understand more of what I am. I wouldn’t have understood before, I don’t think. So cool. Thanks so much for the amazing work you do!"
Anne Tucker
                                                 International Speaker on decision making, leadership,                                                                                 personal transformation, & self-doubt
Founder of Wisdom Soup, a closely curated learning community designed to help its members achieve breakthrough spiritual growth and insight in order to achieve practical real-life goals.

The healer who I’ve booked the most sessions with ever is Elizabeth Rose. She assisted me greatly in 2020 to expand and really helped with my fast track walking and expanding into my light. Beyond grateful for all her help and assistance. Thank you Elizabeth.
                                                                                                                        David Starr, Divine Ray
I was recently referred to Elizabeth by Ross Shugar.   I knew If he referred me she must be fabulous. 

I was impressed with her sessions beyond words. I’ve referred my clients to her.
Everything changed so quickly, in days.  It felt instantly better. 

My life really came together in the areas where I was suspended in emotional trauma. My past relationships. 
Everyone needs to work with Elizabeth.  She is a true gift to the planet. 
She is truly living her personal numerology.  A Fellow soul of 9.
Thank you dear sister.

Brittany Johnson
Numerologist and Diamond - Light Encoder - Energy Sessions

I became calm and at peace for the first time in a while and because of this I was able to gain clarity on which direction to take next. I left the session feeling light, clear and empowered. Thank you Elizabeth, I am so grateful for your healing abilities and gifts.

I definitely feel lighter and more open since our session. I'm feeling my light again after so many months of feeling dark and not myself. The messages you channeled for me truly cleared and opened my heart so I can begin to feel love and light again. My time with you was truly sacred and holy. You have a gift to bring love and you certainly brought that back to me. Thank you

Rosanna Sardella,

Emerge for Healing, Spiritual Guidance, Healing and Coaching, Calgary

Tel: 403-400-3715  or  Email: rosannasardella1@gmail.com

"I did a distance reading with Elizabeth Rose from The Rose Cottage 1.5 years ago and it really assisted me on my journey at that time.  I knew I would be working with Elizabeth again in the future but I didn’t know when. 

She scheduled an event in Toronto and I registered right away because I just knew that I had to go.

I just spent 2 full days with her at the FULL IMMERSION into Spirit Intensive and I have no words to describe how AMAZING it was! It’s like no words are powerful enough to describe this wonderful experience. I’m forever grateful for this opportunity to work with her. 🙏💖 I now own FULLY who I am 🙌 and I’m no longer hiding when I say that I’m a Spiritual Holistic Healer 💖

Thank you Elizabeth, as well as Peggy Kelly-Davies at The Hypnosis Connection in Bowmanville for hosting this event!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Joliane Tremblay-Belzile

                                                                                                                                                                                          Spiritual Wholistic Health Coach, Montreal


"Elizabeth is beyond amazing! Her powerful and talented ability to be a Channel and a Bridge between Heaven and Earth is Universally Expansive!

Trans-life regression, Healing and Channeled Messages are the clarity I needed to transmute and transcend old energy and connect with the Universe and the Creator.

Thank you Elizabeth for bridging the gap between Heaven and Earth.  
Peace, Love and Light be with you always,

Gratitude and Blessings,
Beverly Stickley

“I booked a 30 minute session with Elizabeth on advice from a new friend I met at work. This is the most powerful healing and biggest push forward I've received to date. The channeled frequencies that work through Elizabeth have cleared crap out of my heart chakra that I’ve always wanted to see gone.... but could never reach far enough to fully grasp. Elizabeth is amazing and I can't wait for my next session.”

Sherri Dmyterko,

Alternative & Holistic Health Services,

Cambridge, ON, Canada

Elizabeth is an incredibly gifted Trance Channel and author. I have had several readings with Elizabeth that have changed my life.

Heidi Brooke
Professional Channel, Energy Healer and
Co-host of the KKNW radio show So, You Think You're Awake? 
Seattle, WA, USA

Elizabeth, I’m doing really well.  I’m happy!  I’ve not been doing anything else since we started to work together.  I’m now stepping into direct channeling.  All these high frequency energies are coming in.  I was creating YouTube videos but not direct channeling like I can now.  Thank you so much!

Lene Christine Karlsen

Spiritual Awakening Guide



  “ If it was not for Elizabeth Rose, I would not be as happy as I am now. After 9 life-changing days of Full Immersion into Spirit, everything shifted. I started looking at new options I never considered before.  It's a game changer. This is the most important work EVER.  It is miraculous.”     

Gabriella Di Dio

Angelic Healing Sessions

Seattle, WA, USA



"I have been to Rose Cottage multiple times for mentoring events. Always a very welcoming atmosphere. During my visits, I have witnessed healing and have even received relief myself from chronic pain from a car accident. I love that Elizabeth is so open and sharing with her gifts and would highly recommend her to anyone!

Sandra Nason Sewell 
Practitioner, Wellness Naturally 

I would like to share the most amazing experience that I was Blessed to have with Elizabeth Rose at The Rose Cottage. I really do not have words to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for my three days of Full Immersion Into Spirit. To say that I had a life changing experience really does not begin to explain the healing that took place and the tools that I received to live a richer and much fuller life.

Full Immersion Into Spirit encompasses the Mind, Body and Spirit. I really did not pay much attention to people who said that they had discovered that they had Past Lives. I believed that you were born, lived and then I planned on going to Heaven. A very good friend of mine had gone to Elizabeth and discovered some of her past lives and I wanted to experience the healing and changes that she received. On my way up to the Rose Cottage, I thought what if I have blocks and Elizabeth is not able to put my into a trans and I cannot discover any past lives. Well was I in for a surprise.  Firstly, when I arrived Elizabeth was prepared to offer me breakfast and from there snacks, lunch and more snacks all extremely healthy and tailored for my eating needs. Once I had some fruit, Elizabeth started and I was in a trans very quickly and we went to the first Past Life experience. I can say that we did about 8 Past Lives and as you experience each one it is very emotional however much healing is done and once you forgive who ever needed forgiveness plus yourself then the curtain comes down on the life experience and it is complete.

I would encourage each person to give themselves the Gift of time with Elizabeth in Full Immersion Into Spirit so that they can move forward with purpose and knowledge that they have healed their souls and rewrite their soul’s contract. 

Thank you Elizabeth, God Bless

Barb Stillman
Trancension Healing Centre, Rothesay, NB
I was led to Elizabeth at a time in my life when I needed to let go of a phobia. In the sessions with Elizabeth, I made even more discoveries about myself, and the gifts that we all have to offer this world. 

In the weeks that have passed, it's like an activation has taken place. I feel more alive and more connected. Between the miracles of "The Reconnection" with Dr Eric Pearl, reading "The Conversations with God" and going to see Elizabeth for hypnosis and channelling, I feel like I have access to what I feel to be "the truth" of what we are really supposed to know and resonate with.

She wants us to shine. To see the beauty that surrounds The Rose Cottage ... you can feel spirit. Thank you Elizabeth for giving so much of yourself to help others. I highly recommend you try "Activating with Elizabeth"!
Pam Boudreau,
Reiki Practitioner/Teacher for People & Animals
Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Animal Communicator
“Wow!  I was curious about what a hands-on healing session would be like and ended up having a past life experience which led to soul memory clearing.  

It’s the journey not the destination.  Balance is key.” 

Connie Fraser,

Certified Hypnosis Instructor, Law Enforcement Educator, Calgary, AB, Canada



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