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Elizabeth Rose
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Egyptian Numerology Workshop in Moncton Sun Feb 10th 2-4pm & Saint John Mon Feb 11th 7-9pm $60/Person


LEARN Egyptian Numerology to uncover each person's talents, gifts, abilities, strengths, and soul purpose. Instruction and Materials are provided by Elizabeth Rose. You Require the full spelling of the person's name plus their date of birth. Egyptian Numerology provides a thumbnail sketch of who you are and what your soul is encouraging you to do. It helps you see obstacles to overcome, reveals the main karmic lesson you're working on and what your soul has tried to heal over many lifetimes. It discloses how you think, feel, act and react, reveals your innermost desires and the basis of your motivation. It indicates what your natural abilities and talents are that will lead you to major accomplishments in the future. It provides you with a clue as to what your final fulfillment will be during your senior years. ref: Dr. Sharon Forrest

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