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"Waterfront retreat for weary spiritual seekers"
Channeled Sessions in-person, via SKYPE , Telephone & Email  
Elizabeth Rose
Author, Public Speaker
NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor
Certified Healing Arts Facilitator

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Deep Trance Channelled Guidance and Healing via Skype, Telephone, or Email: Review your spiritual gifts, path of service, get answers to your important questions, receive spiritual healing, and more. Sessions may include Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives, Energy Release, Age Regression, and Future Life Progression to achieve clarity, rise above challenges, release unwanted habits, ignite your inner power, experience deep healing and energetic shifts that allow you to live a more inspired and purposeful life. Tax included in price



YOU CAN ALSO ATTEND THE 2-DAY WORKSHOP MAR 2-3, 2019 $350:  Experience Full Immersion into Spirit at The Hypnosis Connection in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

CALL TO BOOK: 1 (905) 623-0092 or 1 (289) 276-1007 or EMAIL: info@thehypnosisconnection.ca

Full Immersion into Spirit is an experiential and transformational protocol that provides answers, healing, and expedites your soul journey exploration. Discover your own consciousness, access higher guidance and heightened awareness through guided visualization assisted by trance channelling.



Decades of meditation led Elizabeth Rose to psychic development, natural healing arts and hypnosis. The more you go into trance, the deeper you go, plus the more ‘open’ you become. In 2014, while studying the Simpson Protocol, working in ultra-deep states of hypnosis, Angels appeared to Elizabeth and explained, “You can only heal others to the level that you yourself are healed at.” For the next 6 months, they guided Elizabeth through a series of healing and awakening protocols called “Full Immersion into Spirit.” By April 2015, Elizabeth was a full-time trance channel dedicated to accelerating each client’s hypnosis, healing and awakening process.


What to Expect

Graduates of this unique method have reported many different experiences including astral travel, spontaneous healing, psychic development, seeing each other on the astral plane, becoming a trance channel themselves, or simply releasing stress and feeling more peaceful. With assistance from the Angelic Realm, anything is possible!


Looking forward to seeing you there!


Elizabeth Rose, BFA, CIM, CI
Author, Speaker, Hypnotist, NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor
Natural Healing Arts Facilitator, Dream Interpretation Instructor
Ascended Masters Yoga Instructor and Psychic Trance Channel

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