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"Healing and Awakening for Spiritual Seekers"
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Elizabeth Rose
Author, Public Speaker
NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor
Certified Healing Arts Facilitator

The Rose Cottage

Experience/Learn:  Hypnosis/Healing/Channeling

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CERTIFICATION: Journey to Your Life Between Lives / Regression (2 Days)



provides you with the tools to facilitate traveling safely and ethically through time to explore the journey of the soul. Achieve wisdom, forgiveness, and healing. Discover decisions made before birth. Are you on track? How can you improve your life? What are the best next steps? Upon completion of this course, you will have a deeper understanding of your soul contract or life purpose. You will be learning and practicing throughout the course. The first-hand experience in this course can result in insightful learning that can change your life!

Classes and Workshops are taught at The Rose Cottage . Elizabeth also travels and teaches groups.

***All prices are in Canadian dollars, plus HST (where applicable). Payable in advance by email transfer or Paypal. Call for arrangements. Individual sessions or 3 levels of service packages are available for your convenience.


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