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Elizabeth Rose
Author, Public Speaker
NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor
Certified Healing Arts Facilitator

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In November of 2014, while studying a powerful hypnosis technique called The Simpson Protocol that utilizes ultra-deep states of trance, my head started turning to the right and I could see a bright golden glow from someone standing just behind me but I couldn’t see who it was. That night, I was introduced to 9 Angels who spoke and provided guidance. Thereafter, I was introduced to God, Jesus, and Archangels and each moved me in a different way, depending upon who was working through me.

I look forward to providing you with your Channelled Reading!

NOTE: Payment is in 1/2 hour intervals. If you want more than a 1/2 hour channelled reading, increase the "quantity" in the webstore checkout. (i.e. 60 minutes = Quantify of 2, 90 minutes = Quantity of 3 and so on). 

Elizabeth Rose: , BFA, CIM, CI,

Author, OHC Certified Master Clinical Hypnotist

NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor

Certified Healing Arts & CCMBA/CCSMC Facilitator



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