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Elizabeth Rose
Author, Public Speaker
NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor
Certified Healing Arts Facilitator

The Rose Cottage

Experience/Learn:  Hypnosis/Healing/Channeling

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Channeled Yoga DVD - Part of the Full Immersion Protocol


Channeled Yoga is part of the "Full Immersion into Spirit" Protocol

"There's an emotion behind every illness and a memory in every kink.  We're going to get the kinks out!"
Message channeled from the 20 Ascended Masters
who facilitate the Channeled Yoga

Channeled Yoga provides an opportunity to stretch, rejuvenate, and raise your vibration as  tension, anxiety, and irritation melt away. With regular sessions of channeled Yoga, you will feel better.


Elizabeth Rose specializes in consciousness exploration using Hypnosis, the Natural Healing Arts, and Channeling through Full Immersion into Spirit at http/www.therosecottage.ca/ in Saint John, New Brunswick.

During her work with people on their journey of consciousness exploration, Elizabeth noticed clients from around the world shared similar experiences so she began facilitating group sessions. Deep in trance, individuals in the group could locate and actually see each other on the astral plane. Some groups moved through past life, inter-life, and future life regressions together.

She first taught her  " Full Immersion into Spirit " protocol at the Canadian Hypnosis Conference (now https://www.hypnobizcanada.com/" target="_blank">HypnoBiz ) in Canada, HypnoThoughts in the USA, plus facilitated groups in Australia.

Elizabeth facilitates Channeled Hypnosis, Healing, Messages and Yoga that result in heightened awareness, emotional healing, and physical rejuvenation plus the development of some amazing spiritual gifts.

Elizabeth Rose is an Author, Speaker, Deep Trance Channel, NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor, Master Clinical Hypnotist, Certified Healing Arts Facilitator, Dream Interpreter and Channeled Yoga Facilitator at The Rose Cottage in Saint John, NB.   Elizabeth is completing a second book on Past Life Regression, while teaching, and working with clients around the world, both in-person and on Skype. She'is also a Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) with over 25 years in institutional investment.

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