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Elizabeth Rose
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1 Hour Hypnosis via Zoom, Skype, Telephone or Email Recording


Via Skype, Zoom or Email Recording* 

Hypnosis Session:  Hypnosis is a simple but powerful tool to eliminate unwanted habits, behaviours or feelings and also develop new more positive ones. People regularly use hypnosis to Quit Smoking, Release Excess Weight, and Reduce Stress.   Hypnosis can give you the edge in the different areas of your life including Business, Sports, or Public Speaking. It can significantly Boost your Confidence, Eliminate Irrational Fears, and Improve Your Productivity. One corporate client who used hypnosis to improve his business was able to stop years of habitual over-sleeping, procrastination and frustration and move into a new life of inspired productivity. Hypnosis prompted him to jump out of bed feeling energized, generate new ideas on the way to work, improve his overall business model, network with more clients and prospects, improve his home life, plus increase his income. Those who discover hypnosis early-on recognize its power for positive change and use it to release unwanted habits or emotional baggage plus positively impact their lives in countless ways. Many of Elizabeth's clients use hypnosis to explore consciousness through modalities like past life regression, inter-life regression, future life progression and deep trance channeling, the subject of Elizabeth's next book. One client took 11 strokes off his golf game, won two golf tournaments, and later in the year, doubled the number of goals he usually scored in a hockey season. Two other clients used hypnosis to improve their focus and won basketball championships. Countless professional athletes have used hypnosis to improve their athletic ability, including Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky and Sidney Crosby.   Hypnosis is simply Meditation with a Purpose. It's a state of Relaxation. Side effects include Improved Sleep, Healing, and Rejuvenation.  See where hypnosis can take you.

Hypnosis Sessions are in-person, via Skype, Telephone or via Email Recording.




*Times are approximate. Follow-up sessions are at your discretion. You will not be contacted to schedule your appointments.


**Pre-Paid Sessions are not refundable. They do not expire and in some cases may be transferable, as gifts.

***All prices are in Canadian dollars, Payable in advance by Paypal. Call for arrangements. Individual sessions or different levels of service packages are available for your convenience.

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